We have the everyday favorites, chocolate chip, Frosted Sugar, Oatmeal Raisin, Snickerdoodles & Old Fashioned Peanut Butter along with 17 more kinds of cookies. Along with the everyday selection, we have Cinnamon brunch Muffins and Strawberry Streusel. We rotate our specialties including 14 kinds of cookies and 6 different muffins. Cookie Jar Bakery always has a great selection of good things plus coffee, water and milk.

Contact / Location

Address: 807 W Jefferson St Sweet N, Shorewood, Illinois 60404

Phone: (815) 351-9325


About Us

Come see our warm and “homey” bakery, featuring many bakery treat options including our famous classic cookies, specialty cookies, sandwich cookies, bar cookies, cookie cakes, muffins and party trays.

Cookie Jar Bakery is a perfect place to stop for a muffin or a cookie on the morning break, that must-have cookie after lunch, after school or after dinner. Stop anytime to pick up a dozen cookies or a special gift for someone. Party trays with assortments and specially themed sugar cookies can make a birthday, anniversary or a game party special. They even go well with an afternoon meeting at work.

We also have a huge selection of cookie jars! Each of our jars are unique and hand-selected for our store. There is a wide variety of jars available, ranging from valuable antique jars, to novelty jars, holiday jars, and even our own custom-made Cookie Jar Bakery cookie Jars! You can purchase the jars individually or add your favorite cookies to make a special and delicious gift for someone.